Russian lieutenant colonel killed in MiG-31 crash in occupied Crimea

14 December 2022, 02:18 PM
MiG-31 (Photo:Denis Bazhenov/

MiG-31 (Photo:Denis Bazhenov/

A lieutenant colonel of the Russian Air Force involved in the war against Ukraine since Feb. 24, was killed when his MiG-31 crashed on take-off in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea, Russian media outlet Usinsk-Novosti reported on Dec. 13.

It said an “emergency situation” occurred as the MiG-31 aircraft reached maximum speed at the end of the runway.

A special commission is investigating the technical causes of the disaster. The plane is said “for some reason” not to have generated the necessary power for take-off.

The warplane shot off the end of the runway. The crew managed to direct it away from buildings before ejecting. The navigator ejected safely but the pilot failed to eject before the aircraft crashed and exploded.

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Usinsk-Novosti named the pilot as 48-year-old Roman Vdovydchenko.

Earlier on Dec. 2, a MiG-31 fighter jet crashed in Russia’s Primorsky Krai. The crew managed to eject.

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