Russian loses another ammo depot in southern Ukraine

8 August 2022, 01:54 PM
Destroyed Russian equipment (Photo:okPivden/Facebook)

Destroyed Russian equipment (Photo:okPivden/Facebook)

Ukrainian forces have eliminated another Russian ammunition depot in southern Ukraine, along with 24 enemy soldiers and several armored vehicles, the Ukrainian military’s South Operational Command said in a Facebook post on Aug. 8.

Additionally, Ukrainian Air Force carried out four sorties, striking at Russian military compounds in Kherson Oblast.

Moscow’s daily losses in the region were reported as follows:

  • Troops – 24;
  • Tanks – 1 (T-62);
  • Armored vehicles and trucks – 5;
  • One ammunition depot.

Around ten Russian ships remain deployed at the Black Sea, including four warships, armed with Kalibr cruise missiles.

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