Russian MiG-31K aircraft may soon return to Belarusian territory, says Ihnat

7 April, 12:24 PM
Earlier, Russian MiG-31Ks left the territory of Belarus (Photo:Tom_1982/Flickr)

Earlier, Russian MiG-31Ks left the territory of Belarus (Photo:Tom_1982/Flickr)

The three Russian MiG-31K warplanes that flew from Belarus to Russia on April 6 may soon return to Belarusian territory, Air Force Command spokesman Yuri Ihnat, said in an interview with the Kyiv television channel on April 7.

“The MiG-31K will return just as they flew out. They have some plans. This has happened before,” Ihnat said.

“They were having training flights, which caused a 20-minute alarm. They also flew from Belarus to Russian airfields. They had some goal, perhaps technical issues. They flew to Belarus from their home airfields. There may be some operational issues. (But) I don't think we should expect that they will not be in Belarus anymore.”

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The Belarusian Hajun monitoring group reported on Telegram on April 6 that three Russian MiG-31K fighters were leaving Belarusian territory.

The MiG-31K is a potential carrier of the hypersonic Kinzhal missiles, which have a range of 2,000 kilometers and which can carry a nuclear warhead.

Because of this, when these warplanes take off in Belarus, they usually trigger a countrywide air raid alert in Ukraine.

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