Russian military, occupation authorities in Crimea selling up, moving out amid fears of losing control of peninsula

25 March, 11:42 AM
The GUR stated that the occupying “authorities” has begun evacuation from the temporarily occupied Crimea (Photo:REUTERS/Alexey Pavlishak)

The GUR stated that the occupying “authorities” has begun evacuation from the temporarily occupied Crimea (Photo:REUTERS/Alexey Pavlishak)

Fearing loss of control  of Crimea, Russian nationals are closing businesses and putting their properties on sale at discounted prices, the deputy chairman of the Mejlis (parliament) of the Crimean Tatar People, Akhtem Chiygoz, has said

Chiygoz said this was due to the Russians’ lack of belief that Ukraine’s Crimea will continue to remain under Russian military occupation, U.S. state news agency RFE/RL reported on March 24.

“They have no faith that Crimea will remain a (Russian) ‘haven,’” Chiygoz said.

“Prices have fallen significantly. Most importantly, there are no Russian investors, they are abandoning their companies and their constructions. There’s no demand for apartments.”

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He added that the Russian population’s sense of despair was particularly evident following a series of explosions in Crimea.

“These processes (distrust and panic) are ongoing; they started in September last year. However, our latest ‘gifts’ to the territory of Crimea... my compatriots say that we should send such ‘gifts’ more often as it greatly accelerates these processes,” he said.

Chiygoz said that it doesn’t matter whether “we hit some target precisely, or if it falls nearby, or they shoot it down, (because) all of this triggers the process of demoralization.”

“There will be no May barbecues in Crimea – that’s for sure,” he said.

“For them, Crimea was such a comfortable place: warm, sunny, with the sea. This is no longer the case. The most important thing is that we have ruined their plans to enjoy themselves in Crimea. Russians do not like to go where it is dangerous. Therefore, they won’t be having any barbecues.”

Andrii Yusov, spokesperson for Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence, earlier stated that the Russian occupying “authorities” have begun evacuating their families from Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea.

Yusov said the Russian military command on the peninsula and the occupation administration are very actively selling real estate and taking their families out of the peninsula.

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