Russian National Guard units enter Kherson ‘to introduce police regime,’ says Ukraine’s General Staff

9 March 2022, 03:03 PM

Invading Russian forces have brought Russian National Guard units into the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson to introduce a police regime, Ukraine’s General Staff wrote on Facebook on March 9.

“Due to the fierce resistance of Kherson residents, the invaders are trying to introduce an administrative and police regime, for which the units of the Russian National Guard have been brought into Kherson Oblast,” the Ukrainian military wrote.

The General Staff added that the Russian National Guard had already detained over 400 citizens of Ukraine.

Video of day

March 9 is the 14th day of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Russian troops continue to bombard and shell Ukrainian cities, in particular residential areas, although they are suffering serious losses as the Ukrainian military puts up fierce resistance.

Ordinary Ukrainians are also continuing to defend themselves, joining the territorial defense units and protecting the entrances to their settlements.

At the same time, international support for Ukraine is growing – Western countries are increasingly strengthening their sanctions against Russia.

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