Russian occupation administration of Mariupol treats dead bodies like waste – mayoral advisor

9 June, 04:33 PM
Mariupol turned into ruins by Russian aggressors (Photo:Pavel Klimov / Reuters)

Mariupol turned into ruins by Russian aggressors (Photo:Pavel Klimov / Reuters)

Since Russian army took over the city of Mariupol in Ukraine’s south-east, the city has been experiencing a humanitarian catastrophe, with all kinds of human rights violations, Petro Andryushchenko, an advisor to mayor of Mariupol, wrote on Telegram on June 9.

Among these violations is the recent decision of local occupation administration to treat the bodies of dead civilians as regular waste.

Russian soldiers are deconstructing the ruined residential buildings, whose basements might still have dead bodies of peaceful civilians. Andryushchenko said.

He said the city’s eastern districts received the most damage from the heavy use of Grad rocket-launchers by the Russian army. Even in February the residents of those districts lost their transportation route to the downtown area of Mariupol.

Видео дня

The exact number of residents of eastern Mariupol killed by the Russian army remains unknown. The number of bodies remaining under the ruins is unknown too.

However, some dead bodies were found and removed from under the ruins by the occupation administration.

“They will be buried in Left Bank Waste Facility along with regular waste. I have no words to describe this. Only anger,” wrote Andryushchenko.

Mariupol’s waste facility is a landfill site. Outdated waste management systems are a problem for many big Ukrainian cities.

The Russian occupation administration of Mariupol on June 9 said it had finished the security check of local population. Those who were identified as individuals with low loyalty to the occupation forces had been transported against their will to filtration camps in the villages on Nikolske and Bezimenne.

There, arrested civilians will face another security check which will identify those Ukrainian citizens who are considered to be too dangerous for the occupation administration and will be relocated to Russia, the Russians say.

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