Russian overnight shelling of Kharkiv damages a school and historic building

27 August, 11:15 AM
As a result of the Russian attacks on Kharkiv, Piotrovsky's house was damaged (Photo:Ihor Terekhov/Telegram)

As a result of the Russian attacks on Kharkiv, Piotrovsky's house was damaged (Photo:Ihor Terekhov/Telegram)

Russian shelling of Kharkiv overnight on Aug. 27 damaged a school and a historic building in the center of the eastern Ukrainian city.

Mayor of Kharkiv Ihor Terehov said early on Aug. 27 that according to current information provided by the State Emergency Service, there are no casualties.

"A rocket attack on Kharkiv (took place overnight),” Terehov said.

“The city’s central neighborhoods were hit, in particular the Osnovianskyi and Kyivskyi districts. Early reports indicate there are no casualties or fatalities."

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According to the mayor, the Russian shelling damaged a historic building, Piotrovsky's house, which was restored several years ago. Photographs from the scene show damage to the façade of the building, but its full extent is as yet unclear.

The historic building was constructed by Kharkiv merchant Adam Piotrovsky in 1911 on Market Square 4, where fairs and city mass events were previously held. After 1917, the building was converted into a Collective Farmer's House, with hotel rooms, a canteen and public premises.

The building came through the Second World War unscathed, and in the post-war period it housed the city’s central post office. Over time, a number of reconstructions were carried out on the building, and part of its unique external decor was lost. After reconstruction work in 1992, the building was transferred to the Kharkiv Bureau of Technical Inventory.

Invading Russian forces regularly shell the city of Kharkiv and the surrounding oblast, destroying infrastructure and killing civilians. On the night of Aug. 24, Russian troops intensified their attacks, hitting one of the districts of the oblast with cluster munitions.

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