Russian parliament allows mobilization of convicts

27 October 2022, 12:02 AM
Mobilization in the occupied Crimea (Photo:REUTERS/Alexey Pavlishak)

Mobilization in the occupied Crimea (Photo:REUTERS/Alexey Pavlishak)

The Russian parliament has adopted a series of amendments, allowing for the mobilization of citizens with outstanding criminal convictions – even for serious offenses – Russian news agency Interfax reported on Oct. 26.

“The Duma adopted amendments on mobilization of people with outstanding convictions for serious crimes,” the report says.

According to the bill, citizens who were convicted for sex offenses against minors and some other most serious crimes, are not to be mobilized. This list includes the following offenses: terrorism, hostage-taking, participating in paramilitary groups, aircraft or train hijacking, illegal possession of fissile materials, treason, espionage, violent seizure of power, and armed rebellion.

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At the same time, Russian MPs allowed prisoners convicted of murder, robbery, assault, and drug trafficking to be mobilized for war.

On Sept. 21, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin announced a “partial mobilization” in the country. According to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Moscow intends to send 300,000 reservists to the frontlines in Ukraine.

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