Russian POWs living in resort conditions, with paid jobs and access to health and dental

21 April, 06:41 PM
Vlada and Konstantin Liberov showed the Russian occupiers in Ukrainian captivity (Photo:libkos/Instagram)

Vlada and Konstantin Liberov showed the Russian occupiers in Ukrainian captivity (Photo:libkos/Instagram)

Ukrainian photographers Vlada and Konstantin Liberov showed the conditions of Russian prisoners of war, focusing on their recreational activities, in a series of photos published April 19 on Instagram.

"We have long wanted to see the living conditions of those who came to our homes armed in order to kill us. It turned out that they are kept as if in a good resort. And despite the absolutely justified anger at first, we should realize that we have to be proud of this. After all, Ukraine is showing itself to be a modern state that adheres to civilized European values – unlike the occupying country. Also, let's remember that this is our exchange fund," the photographers wrote.

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The photographers published a detailed photo report about the life of Russian prisoners.

"Long story short, Russian prisoners of war have absolutely everything they need to live. We are not sure that some of them have seen such comfortable conditions at home, in Russia. Full meals three times a day, within the calorie limits. A hospital with an x-ray, a modern dental office, and qualified doctors. Constant supervision by a psychologist. Prisoners ofwar have the opportunity to work, with a choice of jobs: assembling packages and assembling furniture. Of course, they got paid for their work, about UAH 30-40 ($1) per day. And let's not forget that they continue to receive Russian salaries all this time. Prisoners of war can spend the money they earn in a local store: personal hygiene products, snacks, stationery. They work six days a week, Sunday is a day off, they can walk around the territory, play football, checkers, watch TV in the rec room, or go to church," they shared their observations.

Photo: libkos/Instagram

Despite the good conditions of detention, however, none of the Russian soldiers admitted any guilt or regret to the photographers.

"Perhaps, you've thought that such a good attitude causes them to regret going to the war, don't you? Are they, maybe, beginning to realize that they have committed a terrible crime? Unfortunately, no. At least those with whom we had time to talk never uttered a single word of remorse. They believe they were just following orders, were forced to, and did nothing wrong. Some of them even still believe in Russia's victory. They look clean and well-fed. According to the camp staff, many of them are even gaining weight. And they are also improving their health under constant medical supervision, for example, many of the Wagner mercenaries have advanced hepatitis and tuberculosis," the Liberovs concluded.

Photo: libkos/Instagram

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