Russian propagandist confirms encirclement of Russian elite units in Kharkiv Oblast

7 September, 02:39 PM
Lightning Ukrainian advance in Kharkiv Oblast sees Russian troops caught in pocket (

Lightning Ukrainian advance in Kharkiv Oblast sees Russian troops caught in pocket (

The Samara and Bashkir Special Rapid Response Units (SOBR), which were in Balakliya in Kharkiv Oblast, have been surrounded by Ukrainian forces, Kremlin propagandist Yury Kotenok confirmed on Telegram on Sept. 7.

According to the propagandist, who is well-known in the circles of supporters of Russian aggression against Ukraine,, the Russian units are now out of communications contact, which may indicate their destruction or capture.

"I confirm the encirclement of the assembled detachments of the Samara and Bashkir SOBRs within the boundaries of Balakliya,” the update reads.

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“Yesterday we were in contact with the boys, today there is none.”

In addition, he stated that the Ukrainian army in Kharkiv Oblast is conducting an offensive on two axes at once: Kupyansk and Izyum.

"The advance to Izyum poses not only a threat to the headquarters of the Russian Armed Forces group on this axis, but also to the rear of our troops on the Slovyansk axis,” the military blogger added.

“That is why the (Ukrainians are) trying to rev up here.”

At the same time, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has not yet officially commented on the reports about the fighting around Balakliya.

Balalkliya residents have been urged by the local council to observe information silence and refrain from spreading information about the movement of the Ukrainian army in the region. 

The local authorities also encouraged residents to report the geolocation and movement of Russian troops and military equipment in the area via the E-Voroh chatbot.

Russian troops seized part of Kharkiv Oblast at the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Attempts to capture Kharkiv proved unsuccessful, but the city is shelled almost every day, and Russia launches rocket attacks on residential areas.

Balakliya was captured by Russian troops in early April. Before that, the enemy shelled the hospital and residential buildings of the city.

Balakliya Mayor Ivan Stolbovyi cooperated with the invading forces and left for Russia.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army continues its counter-offensive, which began on Aug. 29, liberating Ukrainian territories on several axes at once.

The Ukrainian Defense Forces maintain the Antonivskyi bridge and other crossings across the Dnipro River in Kherson Oblast under their fire control, preventing the Russian military from restoring these critical supply routes for them.

The transfer of Russian reinforcements to the area is thus blocked, which has seriously reduced the capabilities of the Russian invasion forces in this region.

In addition to Kherson Oblast, an active counter-offensive has also begun in Kharkiv Oblast.

And although the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is giving little away in its updates about military activity, the liberation of a number of territories, in particular Vysokopillia in northern Kherson Oblast – one of the key objectives in the Ukrainian army advance – have been confirmed.

Besides, Ukrainian partisans continue to eliminate pro-Kremlin collaborators who have voluntarily agreed to work for the Russian occupation authorities.

Amid these developments, the occupying administration in Kherson Oblast decided against holding a pseudo-referendum on "joining" the occupied region to Russia.

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