Russian resistance group says it crossed into Russia, calls on Russians to take up arms against Putin regime

2 March, 05:51 PM
Russian resistance group said it was in Bryansk Oblast (

Russian resistance group said it was in Bryansk Oblast (

The Russian Volunteer Corps, a Russian group formed to resist the regime of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, on March 2 announced that it has crossed into Russia’s Bryansk Oblast and called on Russian citizens to riot.

The group published a video against the background of a building with a signboard “Lyubechansky Paramedic-Midwifery Center” on Telegram on March 2.

“The Russian Volunteer Corps has crossed the state border of the Russian Federation, the evidence is behind my back,” one of the men in the video says. “Wedo not fight civilians and we do not kill the unarmed. Now is the time for ordinary citizens of Russia to understand that they are not slaves. Riot, fight.”

Video of day

One of the men in the video was identified as Denis Nikitin, the commander of the Russian Volunteer Corps. Thirty-eight-year-old Nikitin – a prominent far-right, Russia-born football hooligan and mixed martial arts fighter — founded the white nationalist clothing label White Rex, Financial Times journalist Christopher Miller reported in an article on March 2.

The Russian Volunteer Corps was founded in August 2022 by Nikitin, who sometimes goes by the name Kapustin. According to the founders of the RVC, they are fighting as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, the Ukrainian army has not confirmed this claim.

The RVC is made up of ethnic Russian emigrants who live in Ukraine and other European countries. Nikitin himself had lived in Germany since 2001 before coming to Ukraine.

Earlier, Russian propagandists claimed that a “Ukrainian subversion and reconnaissance group” had allegedly infiltrated Russia’s Bryansk oblast.

Russian propagandists and local authorities shared contradictory stories: it was initially reported that the saboteurs took hostages, shot a school bus, and killed a girl. Shortly thereafter, however, it was reported that the murdered girl had made a miraculous recovery in hospital.

The school bus story has been refuted as well, as Bryansk oblast schools are currently on distance learning.

Russian propagandists have not determined from which village the “hostages were taken”. Some sources report that residents of Sushany were allegedly taken hostage, while others insist that it was residents of Lyubechany. The distance between the villages is 15 kilometers.

There is no photo or video evidence of any of the allegations.

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