Russian senator says Kremlin not even trying to retrieve their dead soldiers from Ukraine

2 March 2022, 05:28 PM

The Kremlin is not taking any measures to return the bodies of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine to Russia, the Russian TV Rain television channel cited Russian Senator Lyudmila Narusova as saying on March 2.

Narusova said that Russia’s Defense Ministry had introduced “censorship” to hide the extent of its losses, since “even a person who is far from the military profession understands that there could be casualties in so many days of intense hostilities.”

“The question is not least about collecting the bodies of the dead,” Narusova said.

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“I called the headquarters of the Western Military District, the press secretary of the Deputy Defense Minister, and said, why not agree on a corridor for at least the dead bodies to be taken out? After all, they are not buried, wild stray dogs are gnawing at the bodies, some of the soldiers cannot be identified because they are burned.”

The Russian senator added that the Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers was “overwhelmed with calls and letters from mothers who have lost contact with the children called (to Ukraine).”

At the same time, Narusova accused te Kremlin propagandists of creating fake news, both around today’s events in Ukraine and those that took place in 2014.

“Our citizens have a short memory. I remember a few years ago, when there was an attack on Debaltseve, it seems to me... Channel One Russia, Russia-2, NTV, (Vladimir) Solovyov and (Dmitry) Kiselyov – they all showed a story with an unhappy woman who was talking about a boy allegedly crucified on a cross in front of his mother. But we all remember that later it turned out to be a monstrous fake news, a monstrous lie,” the politician said.

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