Russian border town experiences explosions, locals suspect aircraft attack

14 June, 02:10 PM
Klintsy, a border town in Russia, experiences explosions on June 14 (

Klintsy, a border town in Russia, experiences explosions on June 14 (

The Russian town of Klintsy, in Russia’s Bryansk Oblast, has reportedly suffered from an explosion, the regional governor, Aleksandr Bogomaz, said in a Telegram post on June 14. This town is located 50 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

“Today, Zaymishche village, close to Klintsy, was shelled,” he claimed.

“Several residential buildings are damaged. According to the information we have as of now, four people were wounded. They are receiving medical care.”

Klintsy.Info, a local website, quoted several residents who said they heard “two noisy clicking sounds” on the outskirts of the town.

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According to people who say they witnessed the explosions before this happened, a helicopter appeared in the skies over Klintsy and then flew away.

One of the commentators on Podslushano Klintsy, a local social media group, wrote that helicopter was making circles above the local military base, then fired twice and started flying away. Commentator added that one of the missiles hit the territory of the military base.

After the explosions, several districts of Klintsy lost access to electricity and water, while traffic lights on the roads were also knocked out. Soon, Russian helicopters are said to have appeared in the skies above the town to check on the situation.

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