Russian troop losses top 100,000, Gerasimov could soon be fired, UK Defense Minister says

20 December 2022, 10:15 PM
Liquidated Russian occupant near Kharkiv, February 24 (Photo:REUTERS/Maksim Levin)

Liquidated Russian occupant near Kharkiv, February 24 (Photo:REUTERS/Maksim Levin)

As Moscow’s forces lose more than 100,000 soldiers to combat casualties and desertions in the war against Ukraine, Chief of Russia’s General Staff Valery Gerasimov might soon be fired, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said during a speech in the House of Commons on Dec. 20.

According to Wallace, Russia hasn’t been able to achieve its strategic goals in the war and is "rapidly" losing soldiers and officers. He noted that by now, the Kremlin has replaced all military operational commanders who held those positions at the outset of the invasion on Feb. 24.

“Russia has lost significant numbers of generals and commanding officers,” Sky News quotes Wallace.

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“Rumors of General Gerasimov's dismissal persist as (Russian dictator Vladimir) Putin deflects responsibility for continued military failures in Ukraine. High fatality rates and increasing (Russian) public dissatisfaction is growing."

The minister said that more than 100,000 Russian troops were killed and injured while fighting in Ukraine, or have deserted their posts, while the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed more than 4,500 enemy armored vehicles, along with more than 140 aircraft.

“Every day more allegations emerge of rape, arbitrary detentions, torture, ill treatment, deaths in custody and summary executions,” Wallace concluded, describing the brutality of Russian occupation in south-eastern Ukraine.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukrainian servicemen have eliminated 99,230 Russian invaders, as of Dec. 19.

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