Damaged bridge near Kherson could cut Russian troops off

20 July, 05:33 PM
Antonisvkyi Bridge in Kherson Oblast (Photo:AFU StratCom / Telegram)

Antonisvkyi Bridge in Kherson Oblast (Photo:AFU StratCom / Telegram)

After Ukraine damaged a key bridge in KhersonOblast, Russian forces in the region could be left without a way to retreat, Deputy Head of Kherson Regional Council Yuriy Sobolevskyi said in a Telegram post on July 20.

“As it stands, (Russian) orcs and their sympathizers in Kherson could be cut off from supply routes and means of retreat,” Sobolevskyi said, adding that “the Ukrainians are coming.”

“Those few of our citizens who were quick to get Russian passports are probably reevaluating their choice.”

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He urged people to avoid Antonisvkyi Bridge, which was recently damaged by Ukrainian long-range artillery.

A Russian staging area near Antonivsky Bridge in Kherson Oblast was hit by a long-range Ukrainian strike on July 19. According to Kherson regional official Serhiy Khlan, the attack left Russian forces in the area disoriented.

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