Russian troops set up dungeon in Balakliya to torture local residents

14 September, 02:28 PM
The flag of Ukraine in Balaklia, August 8 (Photo:via Sternenko / Telegram)

The flag of Ukraine in Balaklia, August 8 (Photo:via Sternenko / Telegram)

Invading Russian forces set up a torture chamber for local residents, in Balakliya, Kharkiv Oblast, which was under Russian occupation for half a year, a Ukrainian police investigator said on Sept. 13

The head of the investigative department of the State Police of Kharkiv Oblast, Serhii Bolvinov, wrote of the horrific discovery on Facebook.

“The Russian fascists set up a headquarters in the police department, in the recently occupied Balakliya,” Bolvinov wrote. “But this is not the worst of it. In the basement of the department and in the building opposite, BalDruk (a publishing house - ed.), they made a prison and a torture chamber for local residents.”

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Bolvinov said the invaders always kept at least 40 people in captivity. They were captured with the help of local collaborators – the invaders were looking for those who served in the military in the past, had relatives among the Armed Forces of Ukraine, or were helping the Ukrainian army.

“The Russians were grabbing people right on the street near the police station,” writes Bolvinov. “One man spent 46 days in a ‘prison’ (because) the Russian fascists found a photo of his brother in a Ukrainian military uniform.”

“According to witnesses, people were tortured in various ways. I will not describe all the torture methods, I will only say that electric-shock torture was ‘the lightest form.’”

Ukrainian troops liberated the city of Balakliya from invading Russian forces on Sept. 8. Ukrainian forces were welcomed by the local residents.

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