Russian troops suspected of Bucha massacre to redeploy back to Ukraine, says military intelligence

5 April, 04:53 PM
Bucha, destroyed by Russian troops, was liberated by Ukrainian defenders (Photo:REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra)

Bucha, destroyed by Russian troops, was liberated by Ukrainian defenders (Photo:REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra)

The units of Russia’s army thought to be responsible for brutal war crimes in Bucha will be redeployed back to eastern Ukraine, the Main Intelligence Directorate (MID) of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said in a Telegram post on April 5.

“64th Mechanized Infantry Brigade of Russia’s 45th Army – the very same service members who engaged in mass executions and torture of civilians in Bucha – will (be ordered to) return to Ukraine,” MID’s message reads.

“Russian military high command will not rotate the personnel of this regiment, and is ordering it to the frontlines.”

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According to Ukrainian intelligence, the brigade retreated from Ukraine to Belarus, and was positioned near the city of Mozyr, as of April 4. By April 6, these troops will be transported to Russia’s Belgorod by rail, and ordered back into one of the “hot spots” in Ukraine (presumably, near Kharkiv), following a short two-day-long rest.

MID pointed out that in circumstances like these, troops are usually given more time to rest, suggesting that such a tight time-table could indicate that the 64th brigade will be tasked with “special objectives.” One of them could be to subjugate and terrorize Ukrainian civilians.

“Those who carried out genocide in Bucha could repeat their crimes in other towns,” the message said.

“Another rationale behind quickly redeploying the 64th brigade back to Ukraine is the expedient ‘disposal’ of unwanted witnesses,” MID added.

“In other words, redeploying them to the frontlines, where they would have little chances of survival, would ensure they could never testify in forthcoming court hearings.”

According to Ukraine’s intelligence, servicemembers are resisting going back into Ukraine, given the high-profile nature of their conduct in Bucha. Their Russian commanders, however, are not accepting their resignations, and threaten the troops with courts martial.

On March 31, Bucha was liberated from Russian invaders.

On April 2, Deputy Defense Minister Hannah Malyar said that the whole of Kyiv Oblast was free of Russian forces.

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