Russian UN staffer resigns over Ukraine war

23 May, 06:33 PM
Russia's adviser to the UN has resigned (Photo:Facebook / @UnitedNationsRussian)

Russia's adviser to the UN has resigned (Photo:Facebook / @UnitedNationsRussian)

Boris Bondarev, a long-time official of the Russian mission to the UN’s Geneva office, has resigned, citing the “shame” he feels for his country, UK newspaper The Guardian reported on May 23.

Russia's war against Ukraine – the main events of May 23

Bondarev criticized Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Russia’s war against Ukraine, adding that he hasn’t seen such “lies and unprofessionalism of this magnitude” in 20 years of his diplomatic career at the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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“For twenty years of my diplomatic career I have seen different turns of our foreign policy, but never have I been so ashamed of my country as on February 24 of this year,” said Bondarev.

“The aggressive war unleashed by Putin against Ukraine, and in fact against the entire Western world, is not only a crime against the Ukrainian people, but also, perhaps, the most serious crime against the people of Russia, with a bold letter Z crossing our all hopes and prospects for a prosperous free society in our country.”

He said that “those who conceived this war want only one thing – to remain in power forever, live in pompous tasteless palaces, sail on yachts comparable in tonnage and cost to the entire Russian Navy, enjoying unlimited power and complete impunity.”

“To achieve that they are willing to sacrifice as many lives as it takes. Thousands of Russians and Ukrainians have already died just for this,” the diplomat added.

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