Russian warplanes drop two huge bombs on ruins of Mariupol

22 March 2022, 04:34 PM

Even with practically all of Mariupol in ruins, the invaders’ attack goes on, with Russian warplanes dropping two heavy aerial bombs on the besieged port city, the city council reported on March 22.

"The enemy continues to cynically destroy Ukraine’s Mariupol," the report says.

"Russian warplanes dropped two heavy aerial bombs today. The city was subjected to even greater destruction."

The council said that the Russian invaders were not interested in occupying the city, they just want to raze it to the ground.

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Russian invaders have surrounded Mariupol since the first days of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. They continue to hold the city under siege.

City residents are living under constant shelling without water, heat, gas, and electricity.

On March 17, Deputy Mariupol Mayor Serhiy Orlov said that 80-90% of city had been destroyed due to Russian attacks, while over 2,300 civilians had already been killed.

The city has also faced a humanitarian catastrophe as Russian invaders continue shelling residential areas and shelters in which locals are hiding.

On March 19, art school No. 12, where 400 civilians were hiding, was bombed.

Prior to that, on March 16, the local drama theater and the Neptune swimming pool, which had served as shelters for hundreds of citizens, were also attacked by Russia.

The Russians have prevented the supply of humanitarian aid to Mariupol, while people may leave the city only in their own vehicles.

The occupiers have also delivered an ultimatum to the Ukrainian military: first surrender, and only then can humanitarian corridors for the population be opened. However, Mariupol’s authorities have rejected the invaders’ demands.

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