Russians concentrating remaining forces to attempt advance in south of Ukraine – military expert

29 July, 07:10 PM
Ukrainian self-propelled guns in the south of the country (Photo:General Staff)

Ukrainian self-propelled guns in the south of the country (Photo:General Staff)

Russian invading forces are trying to gather the last of their effective forces to take the initiative in the south of Ukraine, military expert Serhiy Kuzan said on Radio NV on July 29.

“I think we will still see Russian attempts to go on the offensive throughout the south, because large units of airborne troops are being transferred there,” says Kuzan. 

“Somewhere around 14 Battalion Tactical Groups, that is eight-and-a-half thousand landing troops, which will be brought up to 10,000 or 11,000. This suggests that the Russians will try to turn the tide in the south as a whole. We are talking about the Zaporizhzhya and Mykolaiv axes.”

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According to the expert, the invaders understand that they are losing the initiative. 

“Therefore, we still have big battles ahead of us, but our command is aware of the enemy plans and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing to meet them,” says Kuzan.

“There are constant battles there, but still the Russians do not dictate the initiative even on that axis,” the analyst said. “Right now they are significantly strengthening their units in order to try to seize the initiative, and for this strike they are concentrating such forces. Therefore, you can’t say that everything is over in the south, but I think that in the near future we will see a resolution. Because the Russians don’t have enough strength for more than one push-through like this at the moment.”

According to the latest information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russian invading forces are actively firing from tanks, cannon and rocket artillery on the Pivdennobuzhsky axis.

Shelling was recorded in the areas of the settlements of Ivanivka, Tokareve, Karierne, Osokorivka, Blahodatne, Kobzartsi, Chervona Dolyna, Lepetiha, Andriivka, Velike Artakove, Vesely Kut, Partizanske, Shevchenkove, Myrne, Shiroke, Prybuzke, Luch, Posad-Pokrovske, Lyubomirivka , Stepova Dolyna, Tavriyske and Oleksandrivka. 

Enemy aircraft launched airstrikes near Veliky Artakov, Bilohirka and Potemkine. 

Currently there are three carriers of sea-based cruise missiles of the Kalibr type stationed in the waters of the Black Sea, ready to use these missiles.

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