Russians constructing third defense line near Melitopol, impose curfew, say local media

8 November 2022, 05:49 PM
The invaders are building a third defense line near Melitopol (Photo:RIA Melitopol)

The invaders are building a third defense line near Melitopol (Photo:RIA Melitopol)

The Russian invasion force is actively building a defensive line in the occupied Melitopol district of Zaporizhzhya Oblast, local outlet RIA Melitopol reported on Nov. 8.

According to the publication, the invading forces are evicting the entire local population from the village of Polyanivka and bringing concrete blocks there. They are digging trenches right in people's gardens.

The outlet also writes that Russians say that they are building a third defensive line and are expecting an offensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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"The invaders’ troops are already in panic – they are saying that the Ukrainian army will soon enter Kakhovka and are afraid of a breakthrough of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to Crimea," the report reads.

In the village of Lazurne, the Russian troops settled in the premises of a kindergarten, primary school, and in private houses. Russians seized personal vehicles from local residents and forbade everyone to go outside after 4 p.m.

Besides, the Russian army also entered the village of Radyvonivka.

According to UK intelligence, Russia is making significant efforts to prepare a deep defense on the front line to prevent any rapid advance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in case of a breakthrough.

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