Russians continue to use prohibited ammunition, including poison gas – military expert

23 May, 08:27 PM
Ukrainian army major says Russia is using poison gas bombs against Ukraine (Photo:depositphotos/ognennaja)

Ukrainian army major says Russia is using poison gas bombs against Ukraine (Photo:depositphotos/ognennaja)

Russian forces are using various types of weapons widely banned across the world, ex-commander of the Azov regiment, Major Maksym Zhorin, said in an interview with Radio NV on May 23.

"This happens not only in Bakhmut. In fact, they used prohibited munitions in Mariupol and other areas, including shrapnel, phosphorus bombs, and poison gas bombs. They actually tried to poison people right in their positions or in bunkers," he told Radio NV.

Russians are widely using such weapons without any embarrassment.

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"We already have a bunch of evidence. There are committees which record everything," he said.

A grenade launcher of the 5th Assault Regiment, Yuriy Syrotyuk, who is fighting on the southern outskirts of Bakhmut, told Radio NV that every soldier in the area has a selfie with the backdrop of Russia’s "phosphorus rain" used on May 5.

The Geneva Convention prohibits the use of phosphorus bombs near and within settlements. Russia repeatedly uses them against civilians throughout its full-scale war on Ukraine.

In December 2022, it was reported that Russian soldiers used banned K-51 aerosol grenades against the Ukrainian military.

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