Russians failing to advance in Donbas despite fire superiority, says Luhansk governor

11 August, 04:18 PM
The occupiers are trying to advance on Donbas, but without success (Photo:General Staff)

The occupiers are trying to advance on Donbas, but without success (Photo:General Staff)

Despite having a significant advantage in firepower, Russian troops are still failing to make the expected progress in their offensive in the Donbas, Luhansk regional governor Serhiy Hayday said on Telegram on Aug. 11.

He noted that more than a month had passed since the capture of Lysychansk, and during this time, on the most successful of its axes of attack, the Russian army had been able to advance barely 10 kilometers.

A significant portion of these territories comprise the outskirts of Lysychansk itself and the surrounding villages, Hayday said.

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"Two or three times a week, the occupiers try to advance in the Verkhniokamyanskyi district, the last time was yesterday,” Hayday wrote.

“And again they were forced to retreat with losses. In other areas, where the enemy tried to break through our defenses, the progress over the last month is even less significant. Despite the continuous intensive use of artillery in these areas, the enemy was not able to form a sufficiently combat-ready grouping of troops to ensure a massive offensive.”

According to Hayday, Russians stormed unsuccessfully in eight directions at once, and were forced to retreat everywhere under the pressure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Fighting continues in three other areas.

The Russian army also used aviation in the vicinity of eight settlements located on the borders of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts on Aug. 10.

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