Russians in control of some industrial buildings in Soledar, says Ukrainian officer

12 January, 05:18 PM
Destroyed buildings in the south of Soledar in a satellite image taken on January 10 (Photo:Satellite image 2023 Maxar Technologies/Handout via REUTERS)

Destroyed buildings in the south of Soledar in a satellite image taken on January 10 (Photo:Satellite image 2023 Maxar Technologies/Handout via REUTERS)

Russian invasion forces have seized some of the industrial buildings of Soledar, but do not have complete control of the town, Taras Berezovets, a political scientist and officer of the Ivan Bohun First Separate Special Forces Brigade, told Radio NV on Jan. 12.

Asked to share what he knows about the partial capture of high-rise buildings on the outskirts of Soledar by the Russian troops, Berezovets said:

"The urban development of Soledar is lower (than in Bakhmut – ed.), but there are, of course, high-rise buildings there. Therefore, the enemy is undoubtedly in the suburbs. They captured some part of the industrial urban development. But all these reports that they have already seized the town hall, entered the town center, are not true."

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Earlier, the leader of the Honor movement Serhiy Filimonov stated on the air of Radio NV that the Russian soldiers had seized high-rise buildings in the town.

"In Soledar, as far as I know, we have a bad situation: the devils were able to enter the high-rise buildings and control the heights that are there," he said.

On Jan. 12, Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar said that heavy fighting continues near Soledar in Donetsk Oblast, as Russian troops are unsuccessfully trying to break through the defense of the Ukrainian military.

In the first weeks of 2023, Russia devoted maximum efforts to trying to capture Soledar, but Ukrainian defenders continue to defend the settlement. Despite the extreme pressure of enemy attacks and statements of Russian propaganda, the Ukrainian command denied rumors of the capture of Soledar.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the enemy is trying to take control of Soledar and supply routes for Ukrainian units, but is suffering heavy losses.

Soledar is located about 13 kilometers to the north-east from Bakhmut. It is another town in the east of Ukraine almost completely destroyed by the occupying forces during their numerous attempts to seize it over the past several months.

The population of the town before the full-scale invasion was 11,000 citizens, most of whom have fled. Regular artillery shelling from the very start of the invasion has left Soledar largely deserted. Artemsil — the largest salt factory in Europe — is located in the town, but it has not been operating since April 2022.

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