Russians ‘plan to publish fake news’ on situation in Mariupol

16 May, 08:22 PM
Mariupol, criminally destroyed by Russian invaders, April 15 (Photo:Pavel Klimov / Reuters)

Mariupol, criminally destroyed by Russian invaders, April 15 (Photo:Pavel Klimov / Reuters)

After combing the ruins in Mariupol to find all of the dead, Russia is now planning to produce fake news about the situation in the city, the Center for Countering Disinformation (CCD) has said on its Telegram channel.

Approximately 100 dead bodies are found among the debris of ruined buildings every day, but Russian propaganda says there are no dead civilians in the city, the CDD said.

Many dead bodies were found under the ruins of hospital No. 5, which included a maternity department and health facility for newborns. A similar case was seen at the Mariupol Drama Theater

Видео дня

Both cases were widely covered by the media, including big international publications.

However, the CCD says the Russian invaders are now planning to hide the scale of their war crimes against Ukrainian civilians in the city.

Ukraine’s Security and Defense Council adds that groups subordinated to the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations have been seen in the parts of Mariupol where there were large explosions. This might be a sign that lots of civilian dead are to be found there, the council said.

While prior to Feb. 24 invasion some in the Donbas were supportive of pro-Russian political parties, now pro-Ukrainian mood among the locals is on the rise.

As a result, invading Russian forces are holding more than 3,000 Mariupol residents in a “filtration” prison in the Donbas because of their pro-Ukrainian stance, mayoral advisor Petro Andriushchenko said on Ukrainian national television on May 15.

Mariupol has become a special target in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Prior to 2014, Donetsk and Luhansk were the most developed cities in the Donbas area, butafter Russia took both of them under control and created pseudo-republics there, Mariupol became the Donbas’s top city in terms of economic development.

The Russian army has de facto made Azovstal, a steel plant in Mariupol, inoperable, severely affecting Ukraine’s steel market. Another big steel plant – Mariupol Illich Steel Works – is located in the south-eastern Ukrainian city. Both are owned by Rinat Ahmetov, Ukraine’s richest businessman. The capitalization of Metinvest, Ahmetov’s steel holding, substantially decreased after the Russian assault on Mariupol.

Wives of Ukrainian soldiers besieged in Azovstal have asked the global community to help to evacuate their husbands to Turkey by sea. The Turkish government has said it is supportive of this initiative.

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