Russians really afraid that Russian Volunteer Corps may advance to Moscow, says military expert

12 April, 05:46 PM
Soldiers of the Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC) on the background of a building in Russia (Photo:DR)

Soldiers of the Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC) on the background of a building in Russia (Photo:DR)

The Russians are really afraid that the Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC) may advance to Moscow, Roman Svitan, a military expert and reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said in an interview with Radio NV on April 10.

“That’s how it is,” he said.

“The fact is that it’s about 450 kilometers from the northeastern point of Ukraine to Moscow, while the width of our frontline is more than 1,200 kilometers. The distance from Kherson to Kupyansk is approximately the same as driving to Moscow and back from Ukraine. So, the Russians understand quite well that with a real task and the allocation of forces and resources, this march-throw can be performed by the Russian citizens who are fighting against Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine – that’s who the RVC is.”

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Svitan said that there is not a single defensive structure on the way from Ukraine to Moscow.

At the same time, Svitan said that the Russians “for some reason firmly believe that our troops will not be able to cover these 450 kilometers, but it takes seven or eight hours by car, or half a day to get to Moscow in an armored vehicle.”

“Therefore, they’re trying to somehow destroy the infrastructure that leads to Moscow,” he said.

“But from a military point of view, this is just children’s babbling.”

RVC fighters infiltrated Russia’s Bryansk Oblast for a second time on April 6, 2023.

They released a video showing the fighters talking to a man. They asked a local resident what village they are in, and he answered that it is Sluchovsk.

Sluchovsk is a small Russian village in Bryansk Oblast, about a kilometer north of Russia’s border with Ukraine’s Chernihiv Oblast.

However, the local Russian governor, Alexander Bogomaz, claimed that Russia’s FSB security service had prevented a “Ukrainian sabotage group” from entering Russia.

On March 2, 2023, Russian propaganda media reported that a Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group had allegedly infiltrated the region.

Ukrainian military’s General Staff called this statement a “brazen provocation.”

The various reports coming from Russian sources contradicted each other, with conflicting information about “the taking of local hostages,” the presence of “wounded and dead,” and an “explosion at a power substation.”

Later, the RVC confirmed that they had entered Bryansk oblast, but denied Russian claims about “killing children” and “taking hostages.”

Formed in August 2022, the Russian Volunteer Corps is a unit of volunteers formed from ethnic Russian immigrants who live in Ukraine and other European countries.

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