Russian invaders refusing to go on offensive in Vuhledar area en masse

27 February, 06:10 PM
Russian troops are suffering huge losses in Ukraine (Photo:Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)

Russian troops are suffering huge losses in Ukraine (Photo:Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)

Russian forces have significantly reduced activity in the Vuhledar area due to the mass refusal of their troops to go on the offensive, spokesperson for the Ukrainian military’s Tavriiskyi District forces, Oleksiy Dmytrashkivskyi, said on Feb. 27.

“The enemy has somewhat reduced its activity for the fourth day,” he said.

Dmytrashkivskyi added the Russians had carried out 15 assaults over the past day, while the same number stood at 60 assaults per day a month ago.

“Perhaps this is due to the weather conditions, which doesn’t allow them to actively use military equipment now,” the spokesperson said.

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“But even before that, there are many reports from our intelligence officers, who work quite successfully, about what is going at the enemy both in the rear and on the front line — there are very frequent refusals to participate in hostilities.”

Also, according to Dmytrashkivskyi, the 136th Brigade, which was formed for the war in Chechnya, has arrived in the Vuhledar area. Its members have been deployed in the Donetsk area and are supposed to take control of the defense line until March 5, he added.

Earlier Ukraine’s General Staff reported that invading Russian forces were seeing mass desertion among its troops amid Ukrainian military successes.

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