Russians to step up use of aviation in Ukraine, Rada security committee member says

17 February, 11:27 AM
Раніше ЗМІ повідомляли, що росіяни накопичують авіацію поблизу кордонів України (Photo:Air Power/Twitter)

Раніше ЗМІ повідомляли, що росіяни накопичують авіацію поблизу кордонів України (Photo:Air Power/Twitter)

Russian forces are preparing for the intensive use of military aviation in Ukraine, a member of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security, Fedir Venislavskyi, said on Ukrainian national television on Feb. 15.

"The Russians have a many-fold advantage in warplanes," the lawmaker said.

“We recognize this, we appreciate it. Our Western partners understand this as well. One of the very important areas of yesterday's Ramstein meeting was the intensive discussion of supplying Ukraine with new types of air defense systems. And with an emphasis on countering warplanes, not cruise missiles. Because we do see the possibility of more intensive use of aircraft by the enemy.”

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He said that the Russians will try to strike at Ukrainian air defense and storage facilities.

"We predict, and our Western partners predict, that in the near future the enemy will be able to use aviation more intensively to strike at our air defense systems and the field depots that are currently in place," the politician said.

“We’re preparing for this and we’re aware of all the threats.”

Earlier, the Financial Times reported, citing two sources among officials, that Russia is amassing warplanes and helicopters near Ukraine's borders. According to the outlet, such intelligence is shared by NATO allies.

A senior NATO diplomat said that Ukraine's allies believe that Russia is "preparing for an air campaign and trying to (disable) Ukraine's air defense with attacks." He also said that Russia could have "more than 80%" of its aviation remaining.

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