Sapper dog Patron gets a new job with animal protection organization

23 August, 05:03 PM
Dog Patron (

Dog Patron (

The popular sapper dog Patron has now officially become a member of the UAnimals organization team, UAnimals stated in an Instagram post on Aug23.

From now on he holds the position of Director of Communications for the organization, which protects the rights of animals and helps them.

“We repeatedly interacted with the legendary dog Patron, who provided us with his merch, and then raised UAH 261,470 on his birthday to save animals!” the message states.

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“We realized that Patron is no longer a volunteer of the UAnimals organization, but a full member of our team. Therefore, we’re pleased to announce important news: the dog Patron will officially hold the position of director of the communications department of UAnimals!”

“It is very important to convey to Ukrainians and our audience abroad the importance of saving animals by all possible means,” the UAnimals message says. “And it’s hard to find a leader as powerful for this task as the dog Patron,” says Oleksandr Todorchuk, founder of UAnimals.

"Bark, bark, bark," the dog Patron said in response to Todorchuk’s comments.

“Follow our page for the news of Patron and UAnimals’ cooperation," the UAnimals page says.

“This is a great honor for me,” Patron said in the comments to the post. “I have a second job, which is just as important and responsible as my first job as a sapper. I promise to work with all my paws to help the animals of Ukraine. Face-licks to everyone.”

Earlier NV reported that the sapper dog Patron received a new award from the kennel club of Ireland.

Patron gained fame in Ukraine and abroad for his skills in sniffing out landmines.

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