Satellites images reveal redeployment of over 60 km long Russian military convoy near Kyiv

11 March 2022, 03:31 PM

Satellite images taken on March 10 show that a Russian military convoy on the way to Kyiv, which was more than 64 km long, has largely dispersed and redeployed, the Reuters news agency said, citing U.S. satellite imagery company Maxar.

Earlier, the Russian convoy was spotted to the north-west of Kyiv near Antonov airport in Hostomel. According to Maxar, the satellite images show that some elements of the convoy have “moved” into forests and forested areas near the village of Lubyanka, north of Hostomel. Specifically, the equipment moved there seems to be mostly towed artillery and other vehicles.

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Maxar images also captured several fuel trucks and equipment, resembling multiple launch rocket systems, in a field near the village of Berestyanka - 16 km from Antonov Airport.

On March 4, CNN, citing a Pentagon source, reported that the multi-kilometer convoy had stalled about 15 miles (about 25 km) north of Kyiv, due to direct attacks by the Ukrainian armed forces and because a bridge had been destroyed.

The U.S. defense official told CNN that Russian troops from the column are redeploying so as to better strike the Ukrainian capital.

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