SBU and SBI make public recordings alleged to show Kulinich working with FSB

5 April, 03:51 PM
Law enforcement officers detained Kulinich in July 2022 (Photo:Державне бюро розслідувань / Facebook)

Law enforcement officers detained Kulinich in July 2022 (Photo:Державне бюро розслідувань / Facebook)

Ukraine's SBU security service has made public intercepted conversations between the former SBU head in Crimea Oleh Kulinich and his supervisor – the Yanukovych-era deputy head of the National Security Council Volodymyr Sivkovych.

The conversations are part of the criminal proceedings completed by the State Bureau of Investigation. After the defendant’s legal team have examined the case materials, they will be submitted to the court.

Copies of the conversations were released on April 5.

"We did our best not only to detain a top state traitor, but also to collect a strong evidence, on the basis of which the court will be able to pass a just verdict,” said SBU Head Vasyl Maliuk, who personally oversaw the special operation to detain Kulinich

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“This is a clear signal to all those who work for the enemy: The SBU will inevitably find you and make you accountable for your deeds, whenever you are hiding. We will drag every mole into the light.”

The SBU "created an unprecedentedly intricate plan and implemented it excellently, penetrating the ranks of Russia’s FSB security service,” according to Maliuk.

“We obtained all the files in which Kulinich reported about the situation in our country to Moscow, including classified information, as well as information about his attempts to influence various processes,” Maliuk said.

The SBU found out that Kulinich cooperated with the FSB and received the pseudonym “Kotyhoroshko.”

A so-called "political office" in Moscow supervised his work. The office was established on the instructions of the FSB by the former Ukrainian National Security Council Deputy Secretary Volodymyr Sivkovych and former head of the Presidential Administration Andriy Kliuyev.

Both held positions in the times of the regime of runaway former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, and are wanted in Ukraine for high treason – as he is.

Kulinich received instructions to conduct intelligence and subversive activities against Ukraine, place "his people" in various state and law enforcement agencies, and incite Ukrainians to treason.

Maliuk called this "office" in Moscow a kind of "mole farm."

"It’s main task is to collect information and work on Ukraine,” he said.

“The office is staffed by officers of the 5th Service of the FSB (a counterintelligence department referred to as ‘Operational Information and International Relations Service’). They coordinated Kulinich's work in full cooperation with Sivkovych. They reported to the FSB information received from Kulinich.”

Maliuk said one of the main current tasks of the SBU is to root out moles and traitors within its own ranks.

“The self-cleasing of the SBU is extremely important, especially in wartime,” he said. “So we are doing our best to do this. We’re tracking down and finding all these shameful phenomena in the service itself. All (SBU) personnel are aware of it, and the state leadership is aware of it. And I hope the people of Ukraine are aware of it too.”

The SBU detained Kulinich in July 2022 as a result of a special operation conducted jointly with the State Bureau of Investigation.

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