SBU identifies two collaborators in liberated Kupyansk

10 September, 04:55 PM
The SBU exposed two collaborators from liberated Kupyansk (Photo:SBU/Telegram)

The SBU exposed two collaborators from liberated Kupyansk (Photo:SBU/Telegram)

Two Ukrainian citizens have been charged with voluntarily cooperating with Russian occupation regime in Kupyansk, Kharkiv Oblast, as part of the Russian Kharkiv regional occupation authorities, Ukraine’s SBU security service said in a Telegram post on Sept. 10.

A 55-year-old Kupyansk local cooperated with enemy forces shortly after the town fell. He voluntarily became the head of a local forestry enterprise, and was urging locals to come and work at the company, set up by the Russian “administration.”

A 47-year-old woman agreed to oversee accounting at the company.

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Both suspects were charged in absentia, and are currently at large somewhere in Russia-controlled areas of eastern Ukraine.

Should they ever be arrested by law enforcement, they would face five to ten years in prison.

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