SBU exposes cell of banned pro-Russian Shariy Party in Dnipro

9 January, 07:12 PM
An underground cell of the banned Shariy Party was revealed in Dnipro (Photo:SBU)

An underground cell of the banned Shariy Party was revealed in Dnipro (Photo:SBU)

An underground cell of the banned Shariy Party, which was engaged in preparations for mass riots in the region, was revealed in Dnipro, Ukraine’s SBU security service reported on Jan. 9.

The Shariy Party, founded by pro-Russian propagandist Anatoliy Shariy, was banned for its ties with Russian politicians by a Lviv court in June 2022.

According to the SBU, the agency uncovered instructions on how to organize acts of provocation for mass riots during a raid on a pro-Russian organization, which revealed the cell. Suspected party members are believed to have been preparing to lead street violence in support of Russian occupation, in case the front line would get closer or the oblast would be occupied, the SBU said.

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In addition, the SBU stated that it had discovered agreements between the members to keep quiet about their anti-Ukrainian activities.

The cell’s leader is said to be a former resident of Donetsk Oblast, who moved to Dnipro as an internally displaced person.

By keeping in touch with Shariy's representatives abroad, he managed to create the covert political organization in his new city, the SBU reported.

"For the sake of conspiracy, he contacted only with 'trusted' people and kept his address as secret as possible," the message reads.

As part of the investigation, the SBU seized stocks of pro-Russian publications, leaflets, and financial "reports" on the costs of anti-Ukrainian activities from the organization.

The SBU has charged the cell’s members with conducting actions aimed at violently overthrowing Ukraine’s legitimate government.

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