SBU neutralizes Russian mercenary squads in Kharkiv Oblast

11 October 2022, 04:04 PM
The SBU liquidated two groups of saboteurs of the Wagner PMC (

The SBU liquidated two groups of saboteurs of the Wagner PMC (

Two sabotage-and-reconnaissance squads of mercenaries from Russian private military company (PMC) Wagner Group have been neutralized in Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine’s SBU security service said in a Facebook post on Oct. 11.

The SBU credited its local Kharkiv branch and its Special Operations Center for conducting a lightning-fast operation, with no personnel losses.

According to the SBU, one enemy operative was killed and four more were captured. Among them is the commander of the sabotage-and-reconnaissance group, who is already sharing important intelligence with Ukrainian officials – in particular concerning torture chambers arranged by the Russian forces for Ukrainian citizens and POWs.

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In September, the commander of PMC Wagner, 41-year-old Aleksey Nagin, was killed in Ukraine. According to the InformNapalm war monitoring initiative, he was a "veteran" of combat operations in Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine’s Donbas, Syria, and Libya.

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