Serbia’s defense minister denies reports country sent weapons to Ukraine

12 April, 02:09 PM
Milos Vucevic stated that Serbia does not sell weapons to Ukraine or the Russian Federation (Photo:Ministarstvo odbrane Srbije)

Milos Vucevic stated that Serbia does not sell weapons to Ukraine or the Russian Federation (Photo:Ministarstvo odbrane Srbije)

Serbia’s Minister of Defense Milos Vucevic has denied media reports that his country supplied weapons to Ukraine, the Telegraf online newspaper reported on April 12.

He was commenting on a report by the Reuters news agency, which published information from a classified Pentagon document stating that Serbia, the only country in Europe that has refused to sanction Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, had agreed to supply arms to Kyiv or has sent them already.

“We have denied those lies more than a dozen times and here we are, we will do it again,” Vucevic said.

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“Serbia has not, nor will it, sell weapons to the Ukrainian or the Russian side, nor to the countries in the surroundings of that conflict. Someone obviously has the goal of dragging Serbia into that conflict, but we consistently stick to our established policy.”

Vucevic added that Serbia sells weapons to third parties, which are far from the conflict and have nothing to do with it.

“There is always the possibility that some weapon will somehow end up in the territory of a conflict, but that has absolutely nothing to do with Serbia,” the minister said.

“It is a question for those countries that do not respect international norms, contractual clauses and business practices. I repeat, Serbia did not send arms to Ukraine and everything published on that topic represents untrue speculation.”

U.S. newspaper the New York Times, citing sources in the White House, reported on April 6 that the Pentagon was investigating a leak of classified documents relating to U.S. and NATO efforts to prepare the Armed Forces of Ukraine for an expected counter-offensive.

Ukrainian Defense Intelligence spokesman Andriy Yusov said that the documents were forged by Russian special services. He pointed out that the documents contain false data on combat losses for both sides, with some other information gathered from open sources.

However, U.S. officials have said the documents are genuine, although they noted that some of the information in them had been altered.

Another batch of secret documents that appear to detail U.S. national security secrets on Ukraine, the Middle East and China surfaced online on April 7.

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