Russian retreat from Snake Island to ease pressure on Ukrainian coast, notes ISW

1 July, 12:14 PM
Snake Island (Photo:Ukraine Weapons Tracker/Twitter)

Snake Island (Photo:Ukraine Weapons Tracker/Twitter)

The Russian retreat from Snake Island (Zmiinyi) will slightly alleviate pressure off the Ukrainian Black Sea coast, due to the likely lack of Russian air defense and anti-ship missile systems on the island in the future, writes the U.S. conflict think tank The Institute for the Study of War in their June 30 update.

The ISW point out that the retreat itself will not end the naval blockade, since Russian forces have access to land-based anti-ship systems in occupied Crimea and in the west of the Kherson Oblast, which can still target ships in Ukrainian ports.

This comes after the Ukrainian military’s Operational Command Pivden (South) reported on June 30 that following numerous strikes carried out by the Armed Forces, the Russian invaders hastily evacuated the remnants of its garrison on Snake Island via two speedboats and have probably left the contested island. Later, the Russian military confirmed Ukrainian reports about the Russian retreat.

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