Social media report explosions in Dzhankoy and Yevpatoria

31 December 2022, 10:25 PM
There are reports of explosions in Crimea (Photo:Крим/Telegram)

There are reports of explosions in Crimea (Photo:Крим/Telegram)

Powerful explosions rang out in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea during a large-scale air alert on the territory on Dec. 31, according to local Telegram channels.

Local residents say that the cause of the explosions heard in Dzhankoy and Yevpatoria was allegedly the work of air defense.

Meanwhile, the so-called “authorities” have not yet commented on the incidents and have not name the reasons for the explosions.

In Ukrainian social media, there were unconfirmed reports that Russian airbases in Dzhankoy and Yevpatoria had been attacked.

Video of day

There were attacks on Russian-occupied air bases in Crimea during the summer. Ukraine did not admit responsibility for them, and the targets were beyond the range of any weapons system Ukraine is known to possess.

Recently, there have been attacks deep inside Russia itself. In particular, the Engels-2 air base, about 700 kilometers from Ukraine, is thought to have been attacked on Dec. 5, Dec, 26, and Dec. 29. Video of explosions at the air base were circulated on social media.

Ukraine recently said it was developing a strike drone with a range of 1,000 kilometers, carrying a 95 kilogram warhead.

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