Soldier and former MP Yehor Firsov on modern reconnaissance, destroying Russian Buk SAM system

23 April, 01:22 PM
According to Yehor Firsov, Ukrainian defenders monitor the occupiers from drones around the clock (Photo:REUTERS/Alina Yarysh)

According to Yehor Firsov, Ukrainian defenders monitor the occupiers from drones around the clock (Photo:REUTERS/Alina Yarysh)

Yehor Firsov, a military medic, soldier of the Territorial Defense Forces, and former member of the VII and VIII convocations of the Verkhovna Rada, discussed modern reconnaissance techniques and the recent destruction of a Russian Buk air defense system in an interview with Radio NV on April 23.

“Modern reconnaissance is, of course, drones. The days are over when a dirty scout would come from the front lines and tell us what he saw with his own eyes,” said Firsov.

“Our task is to monitor our enemy 24 hours a day. We know everything about them: when they rotate, when they drink, what they do, and where they dig trenches.”

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Firsov noted that currently the Russian invasion forces fear the upcoming Ukrainian counteroffensive – reconnaissance is seeing that they “dig trenches, dig trenches, and dig trenches again”.

“We see everything, thwart their plans, and ‘plant’ (drop grenades) where they dig,” added the Ukrainian soldier.

Firsov also revealed that his Pokrovsky Battalion had “suddenly” discovered a Buk air defense system, which was subsequently destroyed.

“We didn’t think a Buk would come so close to the front line,” said Firsov.

“We were performing other tasks, but we noticed the Buk and quickly called in artillery (from another unit, by the way), and the artillery worked perfectly. This is not some fairy tale, it’s all filmed on video. This received high marks even from our officer command.”

Earlier, the UK newspaper the Guardian reported, citing three Ukrainian drone operators, that one of the most popular types of UAVs in the war, DJI, may become ineffective on the front lines in just three to four months, as the Russians have already learned how to jam them.

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