Spain finishes training Ukrainian Leopard-2 tank crews

14 March, 12:07 AM
Ukrainian soldiers in Spain (Photo:REUTERS/Juan Medina)

Ukrainian soldiers in Spain (Photo:REUTERS/Juan Medina)

A number of Ukrainian tank crews have concluded their training on German-made Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks in Spain, Reuters reported on March 13.

According to the report, a total of 40 tank crew members and 15 mechanical specialists have mastered operating and maintaining Leopard-2s, having spent four weeks at a military base in Zaragoza.

Spanish instructor Cpt. Contreras told Reuters the training routine was intense. According to him, the Ukrainians will return home "with a very acceptable knowledge" about Leopard-2 tanks.

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"Although the tanks were different, there were many systems that coincide and that has made things much easier,” he added.

“With that, together with the motivation that the personnel brought and their desire to learn, we see them very well prepared to resume combat."

More Ukrainian crews are also nearing completion of their training on Leopard-2 tanks in Germany.

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