State Bureau of Investigation shares details of case involving retired General Krivonos

29 August, 06:09 PM
The State Bureau of Investigation said that the case was related to the

The State Bureau of Investigation said that the case was related to the "looting" of the airport (Photo:Kyiv Sikorsky Airport/Facebook)

The State Bureau of Investigation has opened a criminal case against retired Major General Serhiy Krivonos connected to the looting of Kyiv (Zhulyany) airport during its defense from invading Russian forces.

General Krivonos is accused of violating Part 5 of Art. 426−1 (excess of power or authority by a military official) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. At the same time, the State Bureau of Investigation insists that they aren’t going to prosecute serving Ukrainian soldiers.

Ukraine’s General Staff said at the time of the alleged offenses, General Krivonos was not a serving member of the armed forces, but a volunteer.

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According to journalist Yurii Butusov, a note has been sent to the military headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front about the initiation of a criminal case against Krivonos.

“Investigators are investigating possible illegal actions of Krivonos and asking the military if there are any witnesses to these illegal actions during the defense of Kyiv,” Butusov wrote on Facebook.

“The distribution of this note, the text of which I am publishing, caused a great stir in the army.”

Earlier, Krivonos said that a case of "illegal" defense of the airport was allegedly fabricated against him by order of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in order to dismiss him from military service.

“Yes, indeed, on Aug. 2, a criminal case was opened against me by the State Bureau of Investigation,” the general said.

“I received an order signed personally by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valerii Zaluzhny, appointing me as the commander of the defense of the Zhulyany airport and enlisting me in military service. (However) the investigators were instructed to consider that order illegal.”

“So, this fabricated case was initiated, alleging that I issued illegal orders when organizing the defense of the Zhulyany airport in February-March. The senior leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told me frankly that Supreme Commander Volodymyr Zelensky issued an illegal order to cancel my enlistment in the military service in order to prevent Valerii Zaluzny from appointing me to senior positions, since Zelenskyy considers me a political opponent.”

The General Staff confirmed that Krivonos had been appointed by Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the specified position, however, they said that he was not restored to military service, but was only a “volunteer.”

The General Staff also noted that after the liberation of Kyiv Oblast from invading Russian forces, Zhulyany airport came under the protection of Territorial Defense units, and Krivonos was “released from providing defense assistance.”

Krivonos’s public statements against Zelenskyy and the State Security Bureau “do not correspond to reality and are looks like attempts to discredit the highest military-political leadership of the state, which is unacceptable during the legal regime of martial law, the General Staff said.

The State Bureau of Investigation claims that this case is not directly related to the defense of the airport.

“Considering Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, it is very important to check the factsbefore spreading messages like “a case was opened against the general for protecting the airport.” the agency stressed. “The State Bureau of Investigation has not been and will not be engaged in the persecution of the military, devotedly defending the Motherland, but will resolutely suppress the attempts of some individuals to cash in on the war.”

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