Ukraine seizes assets of TV channel owned by Russian collaborator Kovalyov

5 September, 02:10 PM
Oleksiy Kovalyov (Photo:Oleksiy Kovalyov /Facebook)

Oleksiy Kovalyov (Photo:Oleksiy Kovalyov /Facebook)

Ukrainian TV Channel 4, which had formerly been owned by the now-dead collaborator MP Oleksiy Kovalyov, will become state-owned in the future, Maryna Kuderchuk, head of the Ukrainian State Film Agency (Derzhkino), told Ukraine’s outlet in an interview published on Sept. 3.

According to Kuderchuk, the assets of the TV channel are slated to be transferred to Derzhkino at a future time. She also added that The State Asset Recovery and Management Agency (ARMA) must select a manager and conclude a transfer agreement with him before it can take place.

"When this happens [Channel 4’s transfer is completed], this will be another state channel that will broadcast the national programming for the time being,” Kuderchuk elaborated.

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“But we hope for the swift victory of our country, after which it will continue to develop as a full-fledged state TV channel.”

As the process of selecting a manager continues, Derzhkino retains and manages the channel's property – currently worth UAH 18.5 million ($497,000). When this process ends, Channel 4 can begin broadcasting within a month or two, Kuderchuk revealed.

At the beginning of August, the State Bureau of Investigation searched the TV channel premises. It was announced that its corporate rights would be transferred to ARMA.

On Aug. 29, the Investigative Committee of Russia confirmed the liquidation of collaborating MP Oleksiy Kovalyov in occupied Hola Prystan. The occupying administration had appointed him "deputy head of the administration" of Kherson Oblast.

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