Steinmeier visit to Ukraine being prepared, says Zelenskyy

20 October 2022, 06:22 PM
Zelenskyi had a substantive and productive conversation with Steinmeier (Photo:REUTERS/Toya Sarno Jordan)

Zelenskyi had a substantive and productive conversation with Steinmeier (Photo:REUTERS/Toya Sarno Jordan)

A visit by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to Ukraine is being prepared, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy tweeted on Oct. 20.

“Had a substantive and productive call with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier,” the Ukrainian president tweeted.

“Thanked Germany for the 1st IRIS air defense system, we must deploy an air shield over Ukraine asap! Germany will help overcome the consequences of Russian missile terror. We’re preparing for the German president’s visit to Ukraine.”

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The press secretary of the Germany’s president, Cerstin Gammelin, also confirmed the conversation between Steinmeier and Zelenskyy. She tweeted that the German leader had assured his Ukrainian counterpart of Germany’s unchanging solidarity and support, as well as calling Russian air attacks on infrastructure facilities in Ukraine “despicable.”

“President Zelensky thanked Germany for its support,” Gammelin tweeted.

“Both presidents are looking forward to a personal meeting in Kyiv.”

The German newspaper Bild reported on Oct. 19 that German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier had cancelled his Oct. 20 visit to Kyiv due to security concerns.

Back in April, media reports suggested Zelenskyy “uninvited” Steinmeier over his Russian ties.

Steinmeier then said that he was ready to come to Kyiv together with his colleagues from Poland and the Baltic States, but, according to him, “Kyiv didn’t want that.”

On April 13, Zelenskyy said neither the German president nor his office had officially approached Kyiv regarding a visit to Ukraine.

Zelesnkyy’s Deputy Chief-of-Staff Andrii Sybiha said on April 18 that the information about Ukraine’s reluctance to accept President Steinmeier was a “protocol misunderstanding.”

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