Supply routes to Bakhmut remain open, Ukrainian military says

11 February, 12:58 AM
Ukrainian army has been holding Bakhmut for over seven months (Photo:Yevhen Titov/Reuters)

Ukrainian army has been holding Bakhmut for over seven months (Photo:Yevhen Titov/Reuters)

Fierce fighting continues around Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast, with 54 clashes over the past 24 hours, but Ukrainian troops in the city remain supplied, Ukraine’s Operational Command East spokesman Serhiy Cherevaty told Ukrainian TV broadcasters on Feb. 10.

“Bakhmut remains the main direction of the enemy’s attack,” he said.

“During this day alone, there were 124 artillery attacks and a record 54 combat clashes on the entire axis.”

He also refuted the information that Russian forces had cut off the supply lines to the city.

“The defense forces have the ability to deliver weapons, provisions, and other necessary things to Bakhmut, as well as evacuate the wounded from Bakhmut,” Cherevaty said, adding that there are several different supply routes.

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Earlier, UK Defense Intelligence reported that Russian troops advanced in the Bakhmut area. According to them, Wagner PMC mercenaries advanced 2-3 kilometersm to the west, controlling the area near the main M-03 highway leading to the city.

On Feb. 7, the head of the Donetsk OVA, Pavlo Kyrylenko, said that invading Russian forces do not maintain the highway to Bakhmut under full fire control, but are trying to use “pincer” tactics in the city, aiming to surround the area from two sides.

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