Supreme Court judge undergoes polygraph tests after allegations that he holds Russian citizenship

3 October, 01:27 PM
Bohdan Lvov (Photo:Radio Liberty)

Bohdan Lvov (Photo:Radio Liberty)

Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court Bohdan Lvov has undergone polygraph or “lie detector” tests  after there were allegations in the Ukrainian media that he holds Russian citizenship, Lvov said in a post on his Facebook page on Oct. 3.

Lvov wrote that he underwent one test at the All-Ukrainian Association of Polygraph Examiners with the participation of two experts, and then another “in the competent state department.”

He answered the following questions:

  • “Have you ever had a Russian passport?”
  • "Have you personally received the passport of a Russian citizen?"

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  • “Have you been on the territory of Russia in the status of a Russian citizen?”
  • “Have you ever had dual citizenship of Ukraine and Russia?”
  • “Have you ever become a citizen of Russia?”

Lvov answered “No” to all the questions. According to the results of the tests, which were published by the Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court, this is "reliable information." Lvov stated that he was returning to his duties.

The head of the Anti-Corruption Action Center Vitalii Shabunin said that on Oct. 3, the judges of the Cassation Economic Court should consider the dismissal of Bohdan Lvov from his post, and vote on the issue.

On Sept. 15, journalists from the investigative media “Schemes” alleged out that Lvov had received a Russian passport in 1999. However, in 2017, during a competition for a position in court, he noted in his application form that he didn’t have the citizenship of another country.

The investigation also says that the judge owns real estate, namely: a two-room apartment on Leningradskoye Shosse in Moscow. It is owned equally by the mother-in-law of the judge and his wife.

Lvov himself denies having a Russian passport and called the allegations "fake." Later, investigative journalist from the open-source intelligence group Bellingcat Christo Grozev Lvov was registered as a Russian citizenship, and ruled out that the documents in the registers could be fake, as the judge himself had claimed.

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