Sweden to send Ukraine 8 Archer artillery systems

16 March, 10:16 PM
Archer SAW (Photo:Stridsvagn122/Wikimedia)

Archer SAW (Photo:Stridsvagn122/Wikimedia)

The Swedish government has decided to transfer eight additional Archer self-propelled artillery systems to Ukraine, Defense Minister Pål Jonson told Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter on March 16.

“They will give the Ukrainians a chance to disable Russian artillery systems,” the statement said.

According to additional budget amendments submitted to Sweden’s parliament, the government is also asking for 10 Leopard-2 tanks to be transferred to Ukraine.

In total, the package will include eight artillery pieces and ten tanks worth more than $570 million.

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“You can say that the Archer system is a sniper rifle, not a shotgun,” Jonson added.

“The ability to deliver ultra-deep strikes against the enemy artillery system is what makes the Archer unique.”

In a few months, Ukraine will receive the Archers with fire control computers. Ukrainian personnel will receive the necessary training, and a logistics hub for maintenance and repair will be created in a neighboring country. It is believed that Ukraine can use six out of the eight Archer units on the battlefield at any given time. The remaining two must be kept in reserve for spare parts.

Sweden currently has 48 Archer systems, 24 of which are used by the Swedish Armed Forces. The remaining 24 remain in storage.

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