Switzerland takes step towards arms deliveries to Ukraine

13 May, 05:24 PM
Switzerland can start supplying weapons to Ukraine (Photo:Hans / Pixabay)

Switzerland can start supplying weapons to Ukraine (Photo:Hans / Pixabay)

Both chambers of the Swiss parliament have voted to amend the War Material Act, which will allow for the weapons deliveries to Ukraine in the future, European news outlet Euronews reported on May 12.

Until now, weapons and ammunition purchased abroad could not be transferred from Switzerland to countries involved in armed conflicts.

Due to its neutral status, Switzerland has consistently vetoed requests from countries such as Spain, Germany, and Denmark to transfer Swiss-made armored vehicles and ammunition to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including ammunition for German Gepard tanks.

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In March, Switzerland definitively refused to support the re-export of ammunition to Ukraine. However, in recent weeks, pressure on Bern from its western partners has increased, with the government being urged to provide greater assistance to Ukraine. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz criticized Switzerland for its neutrality and veto on the supply of ammunition.

Currently, EU countries plan to supply ammunition to Ukraine, but their own supplies are running low. Moreover, some of the weapons and ammunition purchased from Switzerland several years ago have not yet been delivered to Ukraine.

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