Tajik president asks Putin not to treat Central Asian countries like ‘former USSR’

15 October 2022, 11:09 AM
Emomali Rahmon is dissatisfied with Putin's policy (Photo:ElmasDean/Twitter)

Emomali Rahmon is dissatisfied with Putin's policy (Photo:ElmasDean/Twitter)

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin had an unusual experience at the Central Asia-Russia summit in Astana, Kazakhstan on Oct. 14 – he was on the receiving end of some fierce criticism from the head of one of the states the Kremlin sees as part of its “sphere of influence.”

President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon directed an emotional outburst at the Russian dictator, asking him not to treat the Central Asian countries as the former Soviet Union.

Among other stinging comments, Rahmon expressed his dissatisfaction with the attitude of the Russian authorities towards Tajikistan.

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“Why do we have to beg (Russia to attend) some miserable forum in Tajikistan?” he asked Putin.

“I gave instructions to the Foreign Ministry, I even talked to you to ask (Russis) to attend at least at the ministerial level. No, at the level of deputy ministers. Is this what Tajikistan deserves, a strategic partner?”

“We aren’t 100-200 million, but we want to be respected. Did we violate something? Did we greet each other inappropriately? There’s no need to invest a lot of money (in Tajikistan). Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin).”

“I ask you not to pursue a policy towards the Central Asian countries as (if they are) the former Soviet Union,” Rahmon said.

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