The 12 steps to de-occupy Crimea – Ukraine’s Security Council

2 April, 04:39 PM
National Security and Defense Council secretary, Oleksiy Danilov (Photo:National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine)

National Security and Defense Council secretary, Oleksiy Danilov (Photo:National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine)

Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council has developed a 12-step strategy for the de-occupation of Crimea, National Security and Defense Council secretary, Oleksiy Danilov, announced on Facebook on April 2.

Proposals include dismantling the Crimean Bridge and installing a "Russian warship, go f**k yourself” monument."

The Russian Gauleiter trash in temporarily occupied Crimea has gone too far in a hysterical ‘Z-fit’ — first planning to seize Kyiv or Odesa, then falling into the Soviet madness of reviving the Crimean Smersh (Red Army1940s-era counter-intelligence units — Ed.)," Danilov said.

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“For this Moscow garbage, I would like to draw in broad strokes how Ukraine will de-occupy Crimea, where they and their ilk will be the number one target.”

According to Danilov, the complete de-occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula will involve 12 steps:

1. The design and location of the “Russian warship, go..." monument in Crimea will be put up for public discussion. It is possible to repurpose the pedestal of the Sevastopol monument to sunken ships to save public funds.

2. In addition to prosecuting perpetrators for collaboration and high treason, a lustration mechanism is under development that will determine the level of responsibility and degree of involvement of Crimean residents in supporting occupation administration activities. Sanctions could include the right to participate in elections – to vote and to be elected.

3. Civil servants, judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, and others employed by the Ukrainian state before occupation and who worked for Russian occupation structures will wait until a Ukrainian court determines their criminal liability. Even if they are not held criminally responsible, they could be deprived of their state pensions and be permanently banned from working for the Ukrainian state.

4. Russia, or whichever entity that will claim legal succession, shall ensure unconditional and complete extradition of anyone, whether a Russian or Ukrainian citizen, suspected of treason or other criminal offenses, or who was involved in war crimes, including genocide and crimes against humanity, committed on the territory of Ukraine, and in particular Crimea.

5. Propagandists — journalists, media professionals, and other experts who contributed to the occupation, militarization of children's education, or incitement to hatred against Ukraine, Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars, and other nationalities — are a group of special attention whose crimes will be investigated by Ukrainian and, if necessary, international law enforcement agencies. They will be legally deprived of their liberty, titles, pensions, property, honors, and respect by a court of law.

6. Citizens of the Russian Federation who illegally came to reside on the Crimean peninsula after February 2014 must immediately leave the territory of Ukraine within the time limit established by law. The fittest and most intelligent have already begun to "leave", which is commendable, and others who continue to hesitate will have to do so like in Bulgakov's (play) Flight.

7. Transactions made under non-Ukrainian law after February 2014, including those involving real estate, are recognized as null and void— a law that has been in effect for nine years. Ownership of property remains with the citizens of Ukraine. If it was appropriated or nationalized by the occupiers, the property will be returned to its rightful owners.

8. The transport crossing (bridge) in the city of Kerch in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea will be dismantled to ensure full freedom of navigation as part of the compensation program.

9. A comprehensive detoxification program will be implemented to neutralize the effects of years of Russian propaganda on the collective consciousness of the peninsula's population. Using Germany’s experience of denazification in the 1940s, groups of active supporters of Russian occupation will be used in public works to rebuild destroyed Ukrainian cities and to exhume and rebury victims of Russian aggression (for those found guilty of equivalent crimes by a court). The goal will be to provide the widest possible access to information about the crimes of the Putin regime.

10. A documentary outlining the facts of Russian crimes against Ukrainians who resisted occupation will be made. The rights of Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar activists will be restored.

11. Immediate release of all Ukrainian citizens, Crimean Tatars, who have been persecuted by the Russian Federation on politically motivated grounds since 2014, with compensation for moral damages.

12. Given Sevastopol’s place and role in the ideology of racism, the system of negative myth building, and the rewriting of history, the so-called "city of Russian glory" is to be renamed Object 6. Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada will later decide on a new name for the city, including the city’s previous Greek name, Akhtiar (‘magnificent’– ed.).

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Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council is developing a detailed legal program with the involvement of a wide range of specialists and experts, said Danilov.

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