Former Aidar commander gives four requirements for successful Ukrainian counter-offensive

2 April, 12:57 PM
A Ukrainian military man checks a machine gun on a tank in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast, March 29 (Photo:REUTERS)

A Ukrainian military man checks a machine gun on a tank in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast, March 29 (Photo:REUTERS)

Former Aidar Battalion commander, Yevhen Dykyi, has told Radio NV the four requirements for a successful Ukrainian counter-offensive and assessed the preparation of Ukrainian conscripts.

"It's pretty obvious. We need four things for a successful counter-offensive: (1) people, (2) equipment for them, including heavy weapons, (3) ammunition such as artillery shells and rockets for multiple launchers, and the last thing is (4) solid ground under the trucks (of tanks)," Dykyi told Radio NV.

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On the first point, Ukraine has sufficient personnel right now, Dykyi clarified.

"We don't consider the quality of their training. We are talking only about a huge number of recently mobilized soldiers. They're training right now. The quality of training varies from absolutely zero to very high quality. It depends a lot on the lower and middle commanders, on how they organize it," he added.

Some programs have the recruits chasing each other through the training grounds, which greatly increases their chances of survival, but there are others where they just drink alcohol and wait to be sent to the front, Dykyi said.

"These are two poles. An average training of Soviet era times is somewhere in between. Perhaps, most conscripts get this type of training. Anyway, the number of people is sufficient and they are working on quality. Besides the quality of training, the quality of people themselves, thank God, is sufficient. This thing remains one of our advantages: the underlying quality of our people, their basic level of knowledge, the intelligence level of our mobilized soldiers compared with theirs," said Dykyi.

The ammunition shortage should be solved in one to two months, he said.

"There are some fresh initiatives of our Western allies. If you've noticed, the last aid packages were very much about ammunition. There is a chance that in a month, in two months at the most, the second factor will be ready to launch an offensive," Dykyi said.

As for heavy weapons, the counter-offensive would have to be launched with fewer armored vehicles than necessary, which would lead to more personnel losses, Dykyi said.

"And finally, the fourth resource is solid ground under the tracks. I think Reznikov was focused on this when he announced the specific deadlines. Sometime in the second half of April, in May, the ground usually dries out," he added.

Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said on March 29 that Ukraine's counter-offensive should begin this year in April or May, and in several directions simultaneously.

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