Threat to Ukraine's southern regions grows as Russia deploys submarines with Kalibr cruise missiles in Black Sea

9 June, 02:07 PM
Russian submarines are located in the Black Sea (

Russian submarines are located in the Black Sea (

The threat of Russian missile strikes on Odesa and Mykolaiv oblasts from the Black Sea has grown over the past 24 hours, spokesman for Odesa regional military administration Serhiy Bratchuk said on Ukrainian national television on June 9.

For the past few days the enemy has most often used strategic bombers launched from Russia to fire missiles at Ukraine, the official said.

"Today, the threat has grown from the Black Sea, because a grouping of the Black Sea Fleet has been continuously deployed there," Bratchuk said.

"They carry Kalibr cruise missiles on board submarines. This is where the threat comes not only to Odesa Oblast, but also to our neighboring regions, first of all Mykolaiv Oblast."

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Bratchuk also said that no mine clearance of the Odesa port for the export of Ukrainian grain, as the Kremlin regime insists, would take place.

"As soon as we conduct mine clearance of the coast, Russian landing ships will be here," he said.

"Everyone understands this, including the top leadership. Therefore, there can be no mine clearance."

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